Dinajpur in Covid-19

Families recieving assistance in COVID-19 Pandemic.


  • Disability in Dinajpur District

The COVID-19 pandemic hits particularly the low-income families in Dinajpur District. Dipshikha provided 305 families with some food and medical assistance.


Joney: Bangladesh lockdown is until May 31, 2020 [this has changed since the time of the interview]. Yesterday, there were 2000 cases of coronavirus, and there are more cases of coronavirus patients in Bangladesh. This situation does not affect those with disability more; all the families are affected by this situation. In a developing country like Bangladesh, especially among the poor families, there is no work and no food since most of them are day-laborers who cannot go to work right now. Now in the very poor areas, people are only eating one or two times and the meals are given by some NGOs or by another project. In the past, the children with disabilities are often neglected but in this situation with COVID-19, more households are calling us about their children with disabilities because some families do not have money to buy the medicine for their children so we provide them with medical support. We were able to receive funding to provide assistance to 305 families, for which we give them some rice, oil, dal [lentils], and some potatoes for their family.