The Organization, Dipshikha

Meeting within Dipshikha.


  • Disability in Dinajpur District

Dipshikha was established in 1978 in the rural area of Dinajpur. The ILPD is a recent project that began in July 2018.


Joney: We work in Dinajpur District in particular because in this area, people do not get enough benefits from the government. The people here are mostly dependent on private organizations. Dipshikha, our organization, works for rural people, and in this area, illiteracy and child marriage are more common. Some people are very religious: they don’t go to doctors or to checkups and believe only in God to bring them well-being. While more than 85%-90% is Muslim in Bangladesh, this area is Hindu. The Dinajpur district is very close to India.

Dipshikha is an organization established in 1978 and the government approved the organization early in the 1984s. Dipshikha has many other projects including integrated livelihood human development, METI school [a primary school within the Dinajpur district], electrical skill training, and agriculture programs. Currently, we have 8 different other projects; the project with disability is only one of them and is a new project that only started in July 2018, so it has only been one and a half years. Dipshikha is the first organization doing a project in Dinajpur for people with disability.