Objectives within ILPD

The main project building in Dinajpur District.


  • Disability in Dinajpur District

There are four objectives within the project ILPD: providing physiotherapy and education, creating financial security, and raising awareness.


Joney: Our project within Dipshikha is called ILPD, Improving Life for Person with Disability. We have four objectives: providing physiotherapy and education, creating financial security, and raising awareness. We have a center for the first objective: a physiotherapy center. We have 15 sub-centers in 25 villages, and I have two assistant therapists, one male and one female. Every month, we go to the sub-centers two times and give physiotherapy treatment. We also teach caregivers how to do small home tasks, which means the exercise that the person with disability has to do at home.

Within the objective of education, we are trying to get every person with disability to go to school and continue with their studies. We provide them with free education with a teacher for general subjects. We give them the education material, including books, paper and pen, and all the other education materials they need. We also work with developing financial security, and we try to get people with disability to start a small business, like selling rice or selling in the small market. Some of them open small shops, too.


Dipshikha holding an event on raising awareness on disability act and right.

Fourth is our awareness program in which we target 500 families within 75 villages with some form of disability. Our awareness program focuses on nutrition, disability act and right, and disability issue, explaining the possible reasons of one’s disability and how to recover. We already have had 500 sessions in project and we invite people in the village to come to a certain place to discuss a simple topic: it could be a discussion about nutrition, or a discussion about disability act and right, which includes explaining the rights of a person with disability, the dignity for a person with disability, and what type of food he/she should be eating so that their immunity would be better. We also talk about hygiene.