Going to the Rural Area

Joney in the middle, with his colleague on his left, conducting a hearing test.


  • Disability in Dinajpur District

As a trained physiotherapist from Bangladesh, Joney worked in cities in Bangladesh and India, but he had always wanted to work in the rural areas.


Joney: After I completed my diploma in physiotherapy in 2011, I started my job as an assistant physiotherapist in Rajshahi City in Bangladesh in a physiotherapy center. I learned that some people came to the clinic from the villages traveling long distances, but they couldn’t get proper physiotherapy because they could only come for one or two days to the clinic since they didn’t have enough money for accommodation and food in the city. The situations within the city and the village are very different; in the villages, people do not recieve proper physiotherapy and even if they do receive physiotherapy, it’s very costly for them. I went on for my graduate study in 2012 in India, and I completed my degree in 2017 and returned to Bangladesh. In India when I was a student, I worked with charity and again, I felt strongly that people from the rural areas needed physiotherapy, but they were not getting enough opportunities for treatment.

When I returned to Bangladesh, I started my job as a clinical physiotherapist in Dhaka city at an established hospital, where they gave me a career and a stable salary with good facilities, but I felt no work satisfaction because I had always wanted to go into rural community development work. Dipshikha gave me the opportunity to me when they invited me to join their work as a physiotherapist, within the project ILPD [Improving Lives of Person with Disability]. In the area of Dinajpur District where Dipshikha works, there are many people with disabilities. A person may have a very small physical disability, but they suffer for long periods of time; for example, the person may have a weakness in the muscle of the finger and never receive treatment and the problem only gets worse. I wanted to work for the rural community to develop their livelihood and physical condition and I wanted to do what I can for them.