Maria at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Photo by Marcel Kolster.


  • Dancing Flamenco

Maria envisions a world in which more people are part of a collective consciouness.


Maria: Consciousness is about how the individual is ‘awake’ and acting every moment not from automatic behavior but from a deep understanding of life. This is consciousness for me. For example, it could be about knowing what is behind the food I am eating or what is behind the news listen to: I am not only a consumer who receives and believes all that the society tells me. This power is consciousness for me. Consciousness is difficult, but life is for deconstructing all the social conditioning we get through our education, through our parents, through our society and the television—it is saying no, I choose my life from my consciousness. There begins a real life.

After the quarantine due to COVID-19, humanity is waking up. Society knows if people meditate and wake up to the reality, they will not easily believe in what they are given. Society loses its control and finds ways of reinforcing its control. This is our society. It’s important to know the history and then the music, because music is a very powerful tool to consciouness. The mainstream music we have now is superficial and people are singing at a low vibration about loud things.

My new CD called Reina en la Boz Libre [The Queen with a Free Voice] is about a woman who lives through many years of pain but is now free to give her message from the soul. This is a message from a woman who was a mother at a very young age and from a woman who wants to get over the flamenca, the woman in pain, to become woman free in her sexuality, in her relationship with men: free in many ways. It is also about becoming part of the social consciousness of women’s voices in the society and recognizing women’s opinions about politics and economy and everything. I love to be a woman and an artist who seeks knowledge: I don’t give the power of my health to a doctor because I am responsible for my health, including being aware of how my body works; I don’t give my spirituality to a priest, because I decide the connection between my mind and the higher self. I don’t give the power outside me, which is why I have to learn a lot of things. Everyone is responsible for becoming the best version of themselves, and I wrote a song about how meditation connects people with this part of themselves. My messages are important for people and especially for young people, too, because for example, meditating is something we can begin with to change our current society. I hope that through my music, people discover that they have another power inside of themselves.