Catalan Women in Erfoud

Founders of Shuia b shuia.


  • Every Summer in Erfoud

It can be difficult to navigate in certain spaces as women, even if work isn’t more difficult. Aina, María, and Paula share their experiences working in Erfoud.



At a primary school in Duar Essifa.

Aina: While working with local associations we have never had any trouble for being women or catalan. But in social terms, sometimes we’ve been misunderstood or expected to behave in a certain way for being women, young and foreigners, due to the existing prejudices. For example, usually when we are walking through the streets we hear inappropriate comments that if we were with a man we wouldn’t hear.

María: It depends on how close you are to the people, as we get to know each other better we improve our mutual understanding and respect for the others way of doing.

Paula: Sometimes we have to be careful with what we do and say to don’t disrespect the culture and traditions of the area.