• Rebranding Blackness

Africa Center Hong Kong is a platform built in 2019 to foster engaged interactions between African and non-African communities in Hong Kong. They host a range of activities from monthly book clubs on African literature, film screening on African movies, panel discussions, and kids club. Their Facebook Page can be accessed here or you can find them at their website.

Innocent Mutanga is the co-founder of Africa Center and analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Abdikafi Mohamud is the co-founder of Africa Center and a shipping manager for Ocean Angel HK limited, a logistics and trading company based in Hong Kong.

Chihiro Shimizu is the Arts & Cross-Cultural Initiatives Manager and an artist at Africa Center.

Abdirahman Mahad Mohamud is the Programs Manager at Africa Center, currently studying Business Management.

Elsie Zepho is the Head of Culinary Arts at Africa Center and a mother of five children in Hong Kong.

Ali Issa Ousmane is the Entertainment Manager at Africa Center and is a project developer in social innovation in Africa.