Hi! :)

My name is Miki. I am a part-time anthropologist and a part-time me. Part-time me trying to figure out how this world will work out the way it is right now (and it won’t, probably, if we continue like this). So, I am talking to more people, people who believe a different world is possible.

I have a grandmother from Nagasaki. She told me about how she worked in a factory during WWII. When the atomic bomb blew off, she was not in Nagasaki city. She survived. Not all of them were so fortunate. I don’t remember the rest of her story very well. Ninety years old this year, she is also forgetting them. My grandfather was in Manchuria. Not sure what he did there. By the time I wanted to ask him, he was struck with Alzeimers.

In 2019, there were more protests all around the world than in previous years. In 2020, COVID-19 exposes problems we had been living with and exacerbate them at the same time, whether it is with the impossibility of social distancing, the rise in domestic violence, or millions losing their jobs. Conflict and violence isn’t separate from peaceful times. Conflict results from trying to cover up violence in, what we call, peaceful times.

This is a platform as a reminder of such things in our society, beautiful or ugly as you perceive it. You may not agree with some of the perspectives written here. I leave the texts as they are, open to interpretation.


Leaving with one of my favorite passages from True Peace Work (2019),

It’s the nitty-gritty work of practice to sit here and feel your sadness and my sadness and our fear, desperation, and restlesness, to open to them and begin to learn that to love is to die to how we wanted it to be, and to open more to its truth. To love to is to accept. It is not a weakness. It is the most extraordinary power.

May you find some peace in the writings.